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Eyes to See

We can begin to see anew. Our love-lacking actions and words do not define us, but they do inform us. We can integrate the perspective of those we hurt into our own eyes and thereby work toward redemption and justice. We can believe that we are loved and work toward loving those around us. It’s a journey of more than a few steps and no one we can make it alone, but it is possible and even joyful.


So What Now?

I may have lost some optimism in 2016 but I have not lost hope. I refuse to lose hope, but hope demands action.

Debate and Discussion

Discussion looks for common ground. Debate looks for battle lines. Discussion addresses misunderstandings and honest questions. Debate addresses straw man arguments. I for one am weary of debate.

Faith . . . in doubt

Faith is not the absence of doubt. It’s the volitional rejection of doubt’s paralysis in order to take one step further into trust. Faith is trusting that there’s a bigger story than what I can see.