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Chaos Theory and Resurrection

I want to live as if simple, mustard-seed-sized acts of loving God by loving others can change the whole system. I want to look into the face of those around me and see the image of God in them especially the ones I have a hard time loving or the ones the world views as insignificant or unworthy of attention.


A Theology of Suffering

I’m interested in a theology that is immersed in “nowness” – one tailored for being in the midst. I think the Bible has a lot more to say about God meeting us in our pain than it does about explaining it away.

The Sweet Spot

As I learn to embrace my rather obvious limits, my heart is beginning to embrace my deeper limits. I begin to accept myself as I am not as I portray myself to be. That’s freedom. That’s the sweet spot.

Faith . . . in doubt

Faith is not the absence of doubt. It’s the volitional rejection of doubt’s paralysis in order to take one step further into trust. Faith is trusting that there’s a bigger story than what I can see.

How I got here

We love others because it is the effect of His transforming love already given to us. His Love powers ours. It cannot be any other way.