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Oh, Bother

I don’t want to face reality, and this minute long interaction confronted me with it. I want to believe that everyone has the same access that I do. I want to believe that I am where I am because I’ve made good decisions and worked hard and demonstrated my trustworthiness.


I Repent

I am sorry for my own prejudice. And I’m sorry for dismissing racism as history ignoring that the past bleeds into the present.


There’s a story about G. K. Chesterton, a Christian Englishman and writer from the 19th Century. In response to an article in the newspaper which finished with the question, “What’s wrong with the world?”, Chesterton wrote a letter to the editor which said simply, “I am.” I identify with that. I am more often than I care to admit part of the problem. I’m frequently one of the ones in the way of Dr. King’s dream becoming a reality.