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Conflicting Values

I think 2016 has been an election of exposure. We don’t know ourselves nearly as well as we think we do.



During these moments of public engagement like an election year, our focus tends to rest on what slabs we plan to lay. It’s true that the clear, noticeable work which we execute has repercussions. That concrete slab laid one day years ago remains present. But over time, those trees with access to light and water will shape the ground beneath our feet. And those trees we cut off or cut down will not.

Spotlight, Christmas, and The Darkness Within

What if instead of offering our favorite canned solution, we admitted that we are part of the problem? What if instead of rushing to blame others – even if there is blame to go around – we took a hard look at our own often indirect contribution and complicity?

Uncomfortable Grace

There’s this stubborn uncomfortable thing about grace though. Yes it’s free in that it is a gift to the one who receives it, but it is costly to the one who gives it. As the recipient of grace, I see its cost, and I can’t help but be changed by it.