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Uncomfortable Grace

There’s this stubborn uncomfortable thing about grace though. Yes it’s free in that it is a gift to the one who receives it, but it is costly to the one who gives it. As the recipient of grace, I see its cost, and I can’t help but be changed by it.


On Listening

In the last two years, I have learned that I must talk about ideas and doctrine and beliefs, but I must talk about them in the context of my own story. For a person to want the Gospel, he must see how it’s relevant. When it comes down to it, if I am to be on mission I must be willing to be vulnerable.


There’s a story about G. K. Chesterton, a Christian Englishman and writer from the 19th Century. In response to an article in the newspaper which finished with the question, “What’s wrong with the world?”, Chesterton wrote a letter to the editor which said simply, “I am.” I identify with that. I am more often than I care to admit part of the problem. I’m frequently one of the ones in the way of Dr. King’s dream becoming a reality.

Searching for Redemption

Now, I believe that such longing for our final home, the fully realized Kingdom of God, is a good thing. However, I know I can be guilty of forgetting that God is in the business of redemption even now.

Tracing the Sun Beam

Sure, I have a logical reasons behind my faith but they are not primary. The Gospel story of Divine Love creating, enjoying, mourning, intervening, self-sacrificing, redeeming, and restoring is so beautiful and so wholly other from all that I can imagine that I must believe it is true.

The Sweet Spot

As I learn to embrace my rather obvious limits, my heart is beginning to embrace my deeper limits. I begin to accept myself as I am not as I portray myself to be. That’s freedom. That’s the sweet spot.

How I got here

We love others because it is the effect of His transforming love already given to us. His Love powers ours. It cannot be any other way.